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Diabetes plays a large role in contributing to vascular disease and other compilations.


Cover Design by Sarah Vuckso

Atherosclerosis decreases blood flow by narrowing the arterial walls. This illustration shows the pathology of the artery and resulting necrosis of the starved tissue in the thumb.


The theme for this issue is cancer.

Cover Design by Stefania Spano

The Queens Victoria: How Aequorea Victoria Are Making Science Shine: Borrowed from the depths of the ocean, green fluorescent protein (showing its molecular structure) was originally extracted from the crystal jelly species aequorea victoria, and is now a popular fluorescent marker in cancer research.


The theme for this issue is the H1N1 virus.

Cover Design by Karen Garrett de Luna
Karen Garrett de Luna is a Vancouver based artist working primarily in photography, movement and interactive installation. Currently a graduate student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she is working on an interactive installation (as warm of LED fireflies called ‘NingNing’) for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in the fall. Working at the intersection of body and spirit, her work often reflects overlooked details of the human experience. In addition to designing the cover art for this issue, Karen also has a few of her art pieces displayed throughout the journal.